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360° Self Rotating Ball Interactive Cat Toy
360° Self Rotating Ball Interactive Cat Toy

360° Self Rotating Ball Interactive Cat Toy

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Smart little fun ball with self rotating feature for your cats to keep them busy and playing. This 360° Self Rotating Ball Interactive Cat Toy is perfect for indoor cats helping them increase exercise and interaction.

This smart interactive cat toy ball moves around by itself, the movement is random and unpredictable, helps to rise the hunting instinct inside your indoor cats, let them chase the ball around, having fun and exercise at the same time.


Smart Toy: You can simply press the ON/OFF button, the magic ball will start to do 360 degree self rolling and grow Red LED Light to attract your cat’s attention to chase and play. Sphere shape and self balancing system enable the ball moves freely in a very unpredictable way making it more fun for your pet.

Direction Changing: With built-in collision sensor, the cat ball will change its direction automatically when colliding with a wall, chair, door, etc. All you need to do is turn the ball on to play and turn off when your pet is out of energy and done playing.

USB Charging: No need to replace batteries over and over again, just simply plug in the cable for 1.5 hours, provides your kitty up to 4 hours of fun time. Built-in 250 mAh lithium battery makes it easier for charging and provides long hour of fun time.

Interactive: When you are busying doing your housework, but your kitty wants all your the time, turn the ball on, keeps your kitty occupied, and set yourself free. With LED lights and self rotating feature, your pet gets more exercise while chasing it around.

Automatic Power Off: The ball will automatically turns off after 40 minutes of rolling,perfect for those who don’t have time to watch your kitty while they are playing. The timer function also prevents your kitty from overly addicted to the toy ball.

The cat toy ball moves in a random and unpredictable way ,helps to raise the hunting instinct inside your indoor cat. When you at work, just turn the ball on, let your kitty enjoys the fun of chasing.